Centennial Capital Campaign

In 1916 when concerned residents came together to save Historical Hall, they did more than save a building - they protected a unique and enduring sense of place that continues to define Bedford. Today we’re asking you to come together to help us build on a century of preservation and create a new legacy for all who love Bedford.



Protect - Preserve - Prepare

We have launched a Capital Campaign to raise $2 million to support our mission of preservation and education. Thanks to the generosity of your neighbors we have already raised $1.9 million. With your help we can reach our goal to protect, preserve and prepare for the next 100 years.


Help us to be financially prepared to acquire and protect additional historic properties.


Help us undertake significant preservation and restoration projects on the buildings we preserve.


Help us build an endowment to ensure that we have adequate resources in our second century of stewardship.



Coming Events

Friday, September 23rd from 4:30 - 6:30pm

Master storyteller Jonathan Kruk reveals the "Stories of the Stones" at the Ferris Family Burial Ground at Westmoreland Sanctuary, 21 Old Post Road. For more info on this free event click here. Sponsored by Westmoreland Sanctuary, Friends of Bedford Burying Grounds and the Bedford Historical Society.


Court House Open Saturday

11AM - 3PM

Step back in time and visit the 1787 Court House and Bedford Museum. You can still pick up Hunt for History Clues Books and discover history in your own backyard!

September 3, 1783

John Adams signs Treaty of Paris, ending Revolutionary War


Historic Dates

September 3, 1783

John Adams signs Treaty of Paris, ending Revolutionary War

September 29, 1794

First jury trial of a criminal case at the Bedford Court House