How Membership Matters

When you look around Bedford Village, you see how each member's support has helped preserve Bedford's historic character for close to 100 years!

Join, renew or make a donation so future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the place we call home.


Historic Dates

June 11, 1898

The Bedford Town Board adopts the Town Seal as designed by James Wood


June 20, 1977

BHS receives the deed of two acres surrounding the Bedford Oak that had been purchased by the "Committee to Save the Oak"


June 29, 1871

Cornerstone laid for the present Bedford Presbyterian Church




Court House Museum Open

Have you been to the Museum lately?

Open Thursdays and Fridays from noon - 4pm



Bucket Brigade on the Green

Saturday, Septemer 12th

Douse a fire old-school-style on the Green


Saturday, October 3rd

Craft beer and wine, seasonal food and local bands under a grand tent!


Save the Date


Saturday, May 21, 2016


Bedford Stories

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